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#1 2018-05-06 16:00:58

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Some labels are too short for translations

With some labels in the GUI, I really struggle to squeeze in a translation, because the space is pretty tight sometimes, or the labels are just cut-off way too early.

List of problematic widgets (mostly labels) in 1709.00:

  • The entire key binding menu is pretty tightly crammed

  • Labels in password change menu

  • Labels of Graphic settings drop-down lists

  • Checkbox texts in Video settings are cut-off too early

  • Checkbox texts in world creating dialog are cut-off too early

  • “Left click: Move all items, Right click: Move single item”: It would help if you donate us translators a second line to use big_smile

  • Checkboxes in Graphics settings. Suggestion: Use one line per checkbox

How to verify: Test with German locale.

I request that you try to increase the spacing for most of the widgets a bit, to give more “breathing room” for translators. Also look into labels and figure out why some of these are cut off too early.

As a general rule-of-thumb: If you already need to tightly cram in the English string into the widget, translators will very likely have trouble.

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