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#1 2018-01-22 08:33:42

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Moar flat design: no moar margin gaps (oh and middle click in inv.ory)

Currently in inventory and everything involving moving items in squares, everything is made server side, so that if I play to a high-latency 3G connection on the road in the middle of nowhere, everything’s really slow… no, not slow, delayed, which is even more horrible.

Yet it does something interesting: it decuplates the pain and frustration of any UI misdesign. For example if I click in between of two cases/squares/whatever-the-name (what is it?), I loose focus/object selection. And that’s extremely tiresome. So it would be cool if all the squares were attached, with no gaps, and only a 1px border, which would be the only separation. No, better: no border, you just change background color like in a chessboard, so you don’t have to deal on what to do when on the border (and probably simpler to draw), and more simple, more flat, more minimalistic, more functional, more beautiful! big_smile

Ah also, learnt that in minecraft there were actions/commands/shortcut/whatever-the-name (what’s the name when it concerns the mouse?) of using the middle-click of mouse to, for example, move 10 by 10 items, or move all the items, or forgot, but it was damn practical I heard.


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