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#1 2017-09-24 07:16:20

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It took a little longer than intended, but 1709.00 is now released!

The development method for this release was something along the lines of:

  1. Start to make small change

  2. Get in a rage and gut the code

  3. Rewrite a large chunk of the codebase

  4. Repeat

Fair warning: Don't expect this many changes in every release.
Additional warning: You'll probably want to start a new map.

So, the changes:

Completely new mapgen with 13 distinct biomes, each with their own look, resources, and hazards. Plus a new completely flat grass mapgen setting suitable for creative worlds.
The new mapgen includes:

  • Changed mineral distribution; so that there's a more definite material progression as you dig deeper.

  • Surface boulders.

  • Meteorites (these will have special ores in the future, but for now are just a ground-based source of space rock).

  • Naturally growing crops.

  • Different distributions of bushes, shrubs, grass, and other plants.

  • Different kinds of trees.

  • Different seasonal effects.

Thanks to Capricornus, meldrian, roo^y, TurtleCat, MavJS, Menche, and others for their ideas and suggestions (some of which are still to come), for the new biomes.

Multiworld support in the singleplayer menu, this has been wanted for ages, and is finally done.Plus updates to the UI, for a cleaner look.

A new config and command system; config files, commandline arguements, and in-game commands have all changed, and now all use the same format. Additionally, the way world config and data is stored now uses the new config system, in its own per-world config file. This is part of the changes that enabled multiworld support to be added in a nice clean way.
I suggest looking into doc/example.cfg to see how the new system looks and works. Also, if you want to use an old world, you'll need to look at the world.cfg file for a new world to see the changes needed to get it working.

Tools have changed a bunch, with new textures, new materials, and new wear and usage tracking; take a look at the tooltip in your inventory to see the number of uses a tool has left before breaking. There's now Bronze and Copper tools as well, plus the Steel tools have been replaced with Iron (because iron ore doesn't magically become steel). Digging times have also been tweaked, so that using the right tool works noticeably faster.

Chests have been completely redesigned; they now look better, with different chests for each wood type, and have some cool new features.
By default they have less storage (18 slots), however there are now upgrade slots in the top left of the chest ui, with which you can:
Use a Storage Upgrade to double their storage space (36 slots, 12 more than old chests).
Use a Padlock to lock the chest.
Use an Exo Upgrade to create an Exo Chest, which gives per-player shared inventory rather than per-chest inventory. This means anything you put in one Exo Chest can be accessed from all Exo Chests. If another player opens an Exo Chest they'll see their own Exo Inventory, and cannot get access to yours. Convenient and secure!

The sound system has been completely replaced, this gives more volume settings, fixes a bunch of bugs, and includes Mumble Positional Audio integration.

There's also some new storage blocks:
Wooden Barrels (one for each wood type) hold up to 10 buckets of water, they can be sealed by punching with an empty hand, and sealed barrels will keep their water when picked up and moved.
Clay Vessels hold 9 stacks of food, they can also be sealed, but that's purely decorative, you can't move them while full.

Cooking and smelting have had a fair bit of work done on them, with a new furnace, a smeltery, and some updates to the campfire.
Fuel items now show the number of items they can cook, rather than an arbitrary time.
The campfire can now have a clay vessel added to it to increase its input slots, allowing alloys to be smelted (bronze), this will also be used for more advanced food recipes in the future.
The stone furnace has been replaced with a clay furnace, this is needed to smelt iron, and smelts faster than a campfire, but can't smelt alloys or cook food.
The new Smeltery is the top of the line smelting block:

  • Required for mithril, smelts all materials

  • Smelts faster than a furnace or campfire

  • Can smelt alloys

  • Can be upgraded to use less fuel

  • Can be upgraded to smelt even faster

  • Can be upgraded to output to Exo Inventory

  • Can be locked with a padlock

  • Can be upgraded to have more output storage

In testing I fully upgraded a smeltery with a stack of Fuel Upgrades and Cooking Upgrades; it smelted 2 stacks of iron in 10 seconds and only used 1 piece of coal. But those upgrades are pretty expensive, so it'll take you a while to get all the materials to make a lot of them.

There's also a new crusher block made by Capricornus; this lets you crush stone to gravel, and gravel to sand. It can also be upgraded similar to the smeltery.

There are of course plenty of bugfixes as well:

  • Get the server list working again (hopefully!)

  • Opening inventory no longer gives X-ray vision

  • Additional checks to reduce the chance of dropped items being destroyed

  • stop bushes instantly growing berries

  • fix some z-fighting on scaffolding nodeboxes

  • hunted down and fixed some segfaults

  • removed some NULL pointer dereferences

There's also been a bunch of code cleanups and refactoring, as well as a few other little additions and changes:

  • Added desert sandstone (no slabs/walls/stairs yet though).

  • New drawtype for crops.

  • Improved tree drawtype.

  • A whole lot of texture updates, and some missing textures added.

  • Apple trees now have their own wood.

  • Chests/signs/fences/bookshelves/barrels all have different types for each of the four wood types.

  • Mobs can walk through open gates (and open gates are just generally easier to get through)

  • Various graphics tweaks.

  • Removed some old unused code.

  • Leaves now give sticks unless dug with shears.

  • Human readable server uptime format


As usual the source is available here.

TurtleCat has been trying to make a windows build in Visual Studio; this has mostly just resulted in him rocking back and forth in the corner, crying. But he's still trying.
I also intend to refactor some problem code so that cross compiling works again.
What this all means is there should be a 1709.01 out in a few weeks with a windows build available.

New creative and survival servers will be up in a few days.

Big thanks to all our Patreon supporters who keep the project alive:
Lerura, Neil, Douglas, Jonathan, MavJS, Nic96, Sebastian.

Bonus announcement: Freenode finally got their act together and let us register the Voxelands project and channel namespace. So IRC chat is now back at irc.freenode.net #voxelands

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#2 2017-09-24 13:05:23

From: Germany
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Re: 1709.00

Wow! Incredible! What a lot of work! The new concept seems to be best so far. Can't say more at this time because I'm still armed with stone shovel and stone axe and haven't seen much... Advise: you can't kill deer with a stone axe nor with a club smile I also can't make the campfire do anything but being inactive. I posted this at HowTo. Congratulations darkrose for this great release!


#3 2017-09-25 13:36:15

From: Russia
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Re: 1709.00

I just have no words... Thanks for this great piece of joy!

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#4 2017-09-27 04:25:21

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Re: 1709.00

Those chest models look great! This is a great update!

I like free software, cats, compiled code, distributed net, radio waves, gcc, g++, and c++.


#5 2017-09-27 12:02:40

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Re: 1709.00

awesome update... waiting for win32-build, this or next update!!!


#6 2017-09-30 21:12:33

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Re: 1709.00

Will there be a win64-build?


#7 2017-10-01 13:48:27

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Re: 1709.00

Probably not, though I might look into it once I've got a workable w32 build.

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#8 2017-10-10 13:48:14

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Re: 1709.00

I am new to the forum and Voxelands.
Truly a great project!
I am a lab instructor and have used MCraft in the past for team building. ( and for some fun, a break )
I happened across Voxelands and tried it out. Open source, much faster in C than Java.
A lot of my kids can't afford MC and I won't run a server unless everyone gets to do it nor will I allow hacked accounts.
This is the 1st time I have set up a server for them to run on, it is really good for them ( 1608 ).
Some have played MC and say this is MUCH better.

I'd like to be able to help out if I can at some point.
Presently, for a class project they are each building a web site based on the game, how to start, what to do, screenshots, etc. It is a graded project but they are all over it.

I downloaded the latest, 1709 to build so I can have server code, but my build fails.
It also fails in the 1704 build so I am wondering what I have not included or what may be different.
My lab is OpenSuse 42.2.

I noticed in the updates that Voxelands 1709 is available. I just need to set up a server for them to run on.

I'd be glad to send the 2 logs and a copy of the konsole output if it would help any.

well, I keep digging, sorry for not seeing earlier
I found a page with all the required libs and :

yum install cmake irrlicht-devel bzip2-devel gettext-devel libsqlite3x-devel libpng-devel libjpeg-turbo-devel libXxf86vm-devel mesa-libglapi openal-soft-devel libvorbis-devel libogg-devel freetype-devel   

I changed yum to zypper for Suse,

I had 2 packages not found by the list but I do have them:
'libsqlite3x-devel' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.
No provider of 'libsqlite3x-devel' found.
'mesa-libglapi' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.
No provider of 'mesa-libglapi' found.

still, it built and runs!!

now back to find the server config file ......

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#9 2017-10-11 06:09:30

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Re: 1709.00

Hi Kumado, glad you got it working. In 1709.00 the config and world formats and storage locations changed. There's now 2 config files:

default.cfg is in ~/.config/voxelands/default.cfg this has all the global config options
world.cfg is in ~/.local/share/voxelands/worlds/<worldname>/world.cfg this has all the world-specific config in it. By default, worldname is 'default' on servers' and 'new_world' on clients.

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#10 2017-10-11 12:39:13

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Re: 1709.00

Hello darkrose!

Thanks for such a cool project and for your reply.

I found world.cfg in the .share folder. I did not find the default.cfg .... yet.

I am wanting to set up the server on a remote machine.
Is there a method to have the server launch from a local default.cfg ( or world.cfg ?) and store the world data in it's own folder?
I'd like to have it all in one place on the server.




#11 2017-10-11 15:57:05

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Re: 1709.00

You can use a custom config path by running voxelands with the exec and ignore command line arguments:

bin/voxelands ignore default.cfg exec /path/to/custom/config.cfg

It has to be a full absolute path, relative paths, or shortcuts such as ~/ won't work, you can name the file anything.

There's no current support for other world paths, the closest you can get is to symlink a local directory to ~/.local/share/voxelands/worlds, I'll likely add support for custom paths in a future release.

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#12 2017-10-27 07:52:16

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Re: 1709.00

An update on the windows build/update: it's going to have to wait till the next release (probably december or january).

This is primarily because a lot of the things that need reworking for a windows build need reworking altogether anyway, and while I could just do a dodgy fix to get it working on windows for now, that would just delay the next release even further.

So I'm going to do a decent job of it, and there will be a windows build with the next release.
I'll probably put out an update (1709.01) soon though, which will just fix a couple of annoying bugs in 1709.00.

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#13 2017-11-07 13:33:44

Registered: 2017-07-25
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Re: 1709.00

Thanks so much in advance, darkrose. Can't wait for the next windows version. It's really neat game and I'm waiting with the screenies of TP I made for my Voxelands adventures till the newest release to perhaps update my textures too.


#14 2017-11-07 20:51:38

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Re: 1709.00

I'm sorry, awful newbie question to ask, but how do I download Voxelands? I am readying a faceplam. smile

Looks amazing, can't wait to see it.




#15 2017-11-13 13:31:41

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Re: 1709.00

This is not a stupid question, I searched a bit before finding out myself.

Depends on which platform you use:

- supported linux platforms (Arch Linux, Fedora, Chakra): https://www.voxelands.com/download.html

- windows: there is no build for the latest version, but the previous windows build can be found on this thread (third post): https://forum.voxelands.com/viewtopic.php?id=770

- other: you'll need to build from source (which is quite simple if you have just a little experience for building on linux with make)

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