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#1 2017-04-28 17:05:05

From: Germany
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User-customizable creature spawning

I think it would be a good idea to make the number of creatures spawning user-customizable. There could be a list to select between "None", "Few", Default", Many" in the main menu for example. ("Default" should be more than now.) This way everbody could choose the number of creatures according to their wishes and to the needs of their system.
Too many creatures can be ennoying, not enough creatures (especially the passive ones) is sad somehow and makes landscapes appear not lifelike. Everybody has his own needs and preferences.

The relations between creatures concerning the spawning frequency could also be more reasonable somehow. At the
moment I'm playing the new 1704 release in survival mode with a mountain map. My home is at an altitude of 32. The following creatures appeared within the first 100 days:
Bigfoots: 28, deer: 3, sheep: 0, fish: 0, sharks: 0, rats: 3, cats: ca. 8, stag: 5, oerkki: 11, wolves: 12.
Without fur it's no fun in the mountains because of the cold. (Please see also for my post about wool. But anyway sheep and deer are the basic creatures. And I like the red fish.:) )


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