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#1 2017-04-24 14:38:31

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sheep and wool

The whole farming functionality of voxelands is genious, i find. It would be a top new feature to me, if one could catch sheep alive, just like rats, and put them in a (maybe special sheep) fence, where they reproduce in spring, let's say at a rate of 25%. If the fence is two small, say less then 3x3 blocks per individual, they do not reproduce. Then it would be great, if the sheep's shearing produced wool instead of cotton. Wool clothes could be an alternative to fur clothes with the same values against cold, so that you don't have to kill deer.
A sheep could be sheared for example three times a season, but not in winter. One shearing gives an amount of wool equivalent to maybe 30 cotton threads. Cotton and wool clothes could look alike and be crafted the same way, this is maybe least work.
So we need a new wool picture similar to the cotton picture only for inventory and crafting. Then a new kind of sheep fence, model and texture, or the existing fences have to be programmed that way, that they exclude sheep from the normal behaviour. But new fence is maybe easier and straighter to program. And we need a new sheared sheep model and texture. The question is, if we want to make intermediate stages of wool growing.


#2 2017-08-15 14:11:47

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Re: sheep and wool

There's already a sheared sheep model, it's just not used at the moment.

I think you can breed sheep (I know deer can be farmed, not sure about sheep, been ages since I looked at the mob code).
Breeding works by having 2 mobs of the same type on their own, with no players or other mobs within 16 blocks of them: a new mob will spawn at random. You'll need to either kill the 3rd mob, or use a mob catcher to move it away (as more than two will stop the breeding).

Having separate wool, instead of string, is something I like the idea of, but it hasn't happened because others have felt it wouldn't really add anything new. I'll think about it.

A lot of the mob code needs upgrading, again.

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