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#1 2017-04-22 12:44:52

From: Aarhus, Denmark
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Metals and ores

It is a little strange that you get a steel ingot from cooking iron ore, as steel is actally made from coal and iron.

And it would also be nice if there were more kinds of metals/ores.

zinc ore -> zinc ingot
tin ore -> tin ingot
copper ore -> copper ingot
zinc ore + copper ore -> brass compound/alloy -> brass ingot
tin ore + copper ore -> bronze compound/alloy -> bronze ingot
iron ore -> iron ingot
iron ore + coal -> steel compund/alloy -> steel ingot (to use for steel tools)
aluminium ore -> aluminium ingot

and the new metals could be used for decoration (bronze, tin, brass, zinc, copper), light weight metal items (aluminium) and iron could get a rusty look depending on the condition (like cobble stone-> mossy cobble stone)

And meanwhile the all the metals could just be use for metal blocks.


#2 2017-08-15 14:01:58

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Re: Metals and ores

In the next release:

Iron will replace steel, as I agree that getting steel just from cooking iron is silly.
Bronze will be available as a tin+copper alloy (with bronze tools added).

Steel has been removed, and there's no aluminium, zinc, or brass; though they might get added later, if someone comes up with a use for them.

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