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#1 2017-01-18 22:08:46

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Possible to create infinite sandstone stairs

If you dig sandstone stairs, you get a whopping 24 sand. However, I think this is way too much as you can use a trick to create infinite sand, sandstone and other sandstone-based things.

First, craft sandstone stairs, then place some of these, dig all of these, and use the sand to craft more sandstone and sandstone stairs. Repeat this as long you wish.
You will end up with higher and higher amounts of sandstone.

If my calculations are correct, the correct amount of sand to return would be 4 to ensure a balance.
This is because 6 sandstone = 6 sandstone stairs, so 1 sandstone is equivalent to 1 sandstone stair. And 4 sand make a sandstone.

But please verify for yourselves. Tested in 1608.01

I haven't tested it, but I suspect there's also a problem with sandstone slabs.

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