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How to get a sponge

Summary: To get a sponge, punch a waterlogged sponge with an empty bucket. Waterlogged sponges grow on sand with 3 or more water sources above it, but only below Y=-30.

To get a sponge, you need:

- Buckets
- Water sources
- Sand

What to do:

Reach a height lower than Y=-30.
Place a layer of sand below Y=-31.
Above the layer of sand, make it so that you have at least 3 layers of water sources above it. “Water source” means the water is a full cube. If the water flows, it's not enough water.
You can make the area as big as you wish, but the larger the area, the faster you get waterlogged sponges.

Now you have to wait. Waterlogged sponges will naturally grow on the sand after some time has passed.

It should look like this:

If a waterlogged sponge has appeared, dig it with the pickaxe. However, the waterlogged sponge is not really useful, so you have to dry it. To do this, place the waterlogged sponge at a dry spot and punch it with a bucket (hold down left mouse button). Your bucket will be filled with water and the waterlogged sponge will become a (dry) sponge. Now just mine the sponge to get it.

Sponges are useful to soak up water and to craft life support systems. Life support systems generate air in space.

Theoretically, waterlogged sponges may also grow in oceans, since they have lots of water and sand. But they have to be deep (Y=-30 or lower, after all). And as far I know, waterlogged sponges are not generated by the map generator; you still have to actively wait around the “critical area” for waterlogged sponges to appear. IMO it is probably easier to build your own “sponge farm” than to search in oceans.

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