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#1 2016-10-02 23:47:12

From: Aarhus, Denmark
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When hunting or being attacked by animals, you have a problem when you are on a grassy area, as the spear attacks the grass, which it cannot collect, when eiither the the animal stand on wild grass or there is wild grass between you and the animal.

This means that you cannot attack the animal due to the grass.
This is especially a problem when being attacked, as the animal can attack you, but you cannot attack the animal, even if you make some distance to the animal.

Another problem is that if you miss the animal or due to reaction time don't stop as soon as the animal is dead, you often end up digging the tile behind them.

It would be great if the spear ignored everyhing but animals, so you can hunt/kill animals no matter the surroundings.

And then it would also be nice if you could make a working Ignis Spear, meaning that if you hunt animals that drop meat (meat,fish,rat), you also here get the cooked version


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