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#1 2015-01-14 03:21:55

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Item functions

I am wondering if these items have an actual function (if so can I get a working example please) or are they just for decoration?

Sticky Piston
No Gate
Copper wire
Preasure plates
Water Wheel
Mese wire
Life Support System

Thanks in advance!


#2 2015-01-14 04:00:35

Code Turtle
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Re: Item functions

Those are part of a system called "circuits". Reactors, wires, and gates let you build devices that do logic calculations; switches, pressure plates, and water wheels are input devices; pistons let your devices move blocks around.

The life support system allows players to survive in "space" (above +1000).

I use a Vultr VPS (shameless referrer link).


#3 2016-02-11 12:18:27

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Re: Item functions

Reactor = give energy (electric current)
Piston = extract and push plock one tile when powered up (not working around border stones)
Sticky piston = same as piston but glues block so when powered off he push back block (not working around border stones)
No gate = gives current when he is not powerded on one of his 3 (in terminals)
Repeater = not figured yet
copper wire / mithril wire = used to connect source power (generators etc. with electric lights pistons etc.
switch = when pushed generates power
water wheel = same as reactor but provide energy only when one side is at water flow
preasure plate = same as switch only triggers when you walk on it ( good for traps moving doors etc)


#4 2016-05-02 00:58:38

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Re: Item functions

About the repeater:

If you use very long wires, the signal will become weaker and weaker with increasing distance. You can tell it by the color of the wire. If the distance is too high, things which need energy are not powered anymore.

If you place a repeater inside your wire, it turns a weak signal coming from one end into a strong signal coming out from the other end.

Note the repeater only works in “arrow” direction but can't be rotated (don't ask me why).

Okay, darkrose explained it to me: The repeater has 3 inputs and 1 output. The output is where the “arrow” is pointing at, the inputs are the three other ends. So any signal coming from the 3 inputs cause an “repeated” (amplified) signal at the output.

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