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#1 2015-07-27 14:07:53

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1507.00 is here!

New in this release is the first of melkior's models; the doe and stag, which look considerably better than the blocky old ones that were sometimes mistaken for horses. Plus hdastwb added a reverse craft guide book, which shows you the recipes that an item is used in; great for discovering new blocks. We've also added limestone, the first of several new stones to be added, limestone generates as large areas and has less minerals in it, but more of the rare minerals (tin, quartz, etc). Limestone doesn't craft into anything yet, but that will come in later releases. Additionally, a "Dangerous Fire" option has been added; by default fire in voxelands will only spread 1 block away from the source, with this enabled it will continue to spread while there's something for it to burn.

Fertilizer is now working after being broken in 1506.00, so you'll be able to get seeds for farming again. We also fixed the bug that gave infinite beds, and reenabled the ability to get trimmed leaves. Tea and coffee have now been added to the craft guide, and Wuzzy provided some overlay textures so that tea, coffee, hot water, and steel bottles don't all look the same.

We've done a bunch of graphics tweaks, that'll probably go completely unnoticed, however you should now see that when pointing at blocks such as beds or doors that both halves are now highlighted, not just the half being pointed at. Also, non-farmed plants positioning has been randomised a bit, to add to the effect of them growing wildly.

The energy system has been tweaked a little, as has hunger, both should now wear down a little slower. Plus a bug was fixed that saw the low energy panting sound being played continuously and not stopping.

A last few things: we fixed a bug with the weildring index not showing for empty slots, and added a checkbox for that to the settings menu; the settings menu has also been added to the pause menu (though not all settings will work from there just yet); and several people have been working on French translations.

Downloads are available as usual from the downloads page.


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#2 2015-07-27 21:30:52

From: Sacramento, CA
Registered: 2015-04-08
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Re: 1507.00

Woot!  Look'in good!


#3 2015-07-28 06:11:40

From: Russia
Registered: 2014-05-30
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Re: 1507.00

Cool! Updated russian translation for few missing strings.


#4 2015-08-06 17:33:31

Registered: 2015-04-27
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Re: 1507.00

I'm getting a segfault running on an Odroid.

Using relative paths (RUN_IN_PLACE)
path_data = /home/minimine/voxelands/data
path_userdata = /home/minimine/voxelands
Debug streams initialized, disable_stderr=0
13:30:43: ACTION[main]: voxelands with SER_FMT_VER_HIGHEST=21, VER=1507.00 RUN_IN_PLACE=1 USE_GETTEXT=1 INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local BUILD_TYPE=Release
INFO: Initial run of init_mapnode with g_texturesource=NULL. If this segfaults, there is a bug with something not checking for the NULL value.

___    ___                 __
\  \  /  /______  __ ____ |  | ___   ____  ___  ______
 \  \/  /  _  \ \/ // __ \|  |/ _ \ /    \|   \/  ___/
  \    /| |_| |    \  ___/|  |  _  \   |  \ |  |___ \
   \  / \___  >_/\  > __  >__|_/ \  >__|  /___/____  >
    \/      \/    \/    \/        \/    \/         \/

Please specify port (in config or on command line)
AuthManager: loading from /home/minimine/voxelands/world/auth.txt
BanManager: loading from /home/minimine/voxelands/world/ipban.txt
BanManager: saving to /home/minimine/voxelands/world/ipban.txt
AuthManager: saving to /home/minimine/voxelands/world/auth.txt
Segmentation fault


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