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#1 2015-05-25 17:17:48

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And so 1505.00 is here!

The most noticable changes in this release are changes to the controls, and an energy level added to players.

A look in the (newly redesigned) settings menu is highly recommended to check out the new control settings. However the main changes are than right-click no longer opens chests/furnaces/etc, instead there's an Examine key (default Q) to do this; which means you can now easily build onto chests and such. You can also now eat without dropping an item on the ground first, just wield the food and press Use Item (default H) instead; the old drop on ground and right-click also still works. Also there's no longer a key to toggle fast move, instead, just hold down Run (default E) while walking (or flying) to move fast.

Running is also tied into the new energy level, a number of actions including running, jumping, digging, fighting mobs, and swimming upwards will wear down your energy level; if you run out of energy you'll start taking damage. Energy is automatically refilled when you stand still (or walk at a normal pace), however in Survival mode it will refill slower if you're hungry.

The energy level is shown by a ring around the health icon, and while we were coding in progress rings, we added a wear bar for tools just inside the wieldring, so you can see the state of your wielded tool a little easier.

There's also now support for multiple teleport points, instead of just the one home flag, each of the flag colours can be teleported to by crafting oerkki dust with the corrosponding dye colour. Home still counts as the last flag you placed though, so that's where you'll repawn when you die, and where you'll teleport to with regular undyed oerkki dust.

The usual collection of small fixes have also occured:
You can now wear a jacket without a shirt and still be safe from exposure damage.
Some crowbar behaviour has been changed so that you can now rotate hatches, but can't rotate torches.
Those random fence and wall posts appearing should now be gone.
Multi-recipe support in the craft guide is working again.
And some internal changes were made to the way mapdata is stored.

As usual the latest release can be downloaded from Downloads Page.
The Mac and Windows builds are there for download too.

1505.01 has been released, this fixes the lighting bug in 1505.00, and also gets the dig/miss sound working again. Official servers have been updated, and the source and windows downloads are now available; the mac build will be available soon.


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#2 2015-05-26 11:05:25

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Re: 1505.00-1505.01

Yaaayy!! big_smile

Saving the world, one mosquito at a time...


#3 2015-05-27 04:51:05

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Re: 1505.00-1505.01

It looks quite good! big_smile


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