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#1 2017-01-18 05:05:13

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Going to space!

Has anybody ever managed to go to space AND go back to Earth alive, maybe even with some nice loot?

(Spoiler alert: If you want to figure things on your own first, don't read further.)

It took me several failed attempts to finally manage to do a successful space exploration. Previous explorations killed me plenty, and I lost a HUGE amount of items. But even after I managed it once, it's quite a challenge.

Sadly, Oerkkis seem to have become freaking rare since 1608.0, so teleporting to space is expensive.

I have built a space elevator. Basically this is a huge scaffolding which goes all the way up to Y=1500. It's actually quite useful, as I can use it as a central hub to build and hop towards the asteroids. At the bottom I have lots of trimmed leaves on which I can safely drop. Very useful as an emergency exit option when the space suit reaches a critical level, or you accidentally fell off an asteroid. I ran out of Oerkki dust, so this scaffolding is currently my only way to go to space. I hope to maybe add a second home base with home flag somewhere at Y=2000. Because climbing up 1500 nodes is not fun at all. But I still need to find a freaking sponge (for life support).

But the loot you find in space is great. I think the idea of adding space as a very hostile and dangerous environment is a cool concept. I really like the addition of space. But I also think the gameplay around space needs a lot of polishing.

Some things I noticed:
- Teleporting to space is very often a death sentence. Gravity is low, but still high enough that you have to find solid ground fast, or you will just fall back to Earth and smash on the ground like a rock. I think the chances that the player can survive the first teleportation to space should be higher. Especially the fact that the player STILL FALLS DOWN in space
- Y=1500 doesn't seem very high, because I can very reasonably build a huge scaffolding to it
- Crafting large amount of items in Voxelands is literally painful. My hand hurts from all the clicking
- The space suit is wearing out pretty fast. This seems fair, considering the amount of loot you can get, and considering how cheap those space suits are to make. My strategy is to bring 3 complete sets of space suits + some shirts and replace them when they are nearly broken (this doesn't kill me, interestingly)
- You are completely safe while you are in a scaffolding, and the space suit doesn't get damaged. Probably a bug
- If any of the 4 space suit items is missing in your armor or got destroyed, you're dead instantly
- The space boots look like linen/cloth boots, so I initially thought the space suit had no boots, which cost me a couple of lives. XD
- Thus, to stay safe in space, you currently have to regularily check your inventory for the armor status
- There's not much besides space rock and ores. It would be nice if space rock would have an use case (a space rock brick block might be a start)

What I am missing here is some sort of armor status display in the HUD. Because this is VERY important in space, as soon as any space suit item got destroyed, space instantly kills you! But such an armor display would also be useful in general, of course. :-)

So, that's what I have to tell about space.
If anyone of you managed to go to space, please share your experience and tell us what you did so far.


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