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#1 2017-01-15 04:12:45

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My simple semi-automatic ore generator

Hi! Today I want to share you a little contraption I built, using electrical circuits.
This contraption allows you to get coal, tin, copper, gold and quartz crystals without mining.

This works only because of the gameplay in Voxelands:
1) If lava and water meet, they randomly create rough stone, coal, tin, iron, gold and quartz crystals (and also dangerous hot steam)
2) Lava is a RENEWABLE liquid

Reminder: Like in Minetest, a renewable liquid creates a new liquid source node (full cube, non-sloped) when they are placed in a corner shape. Like this:

The “_” will become a liquid (L) node under this rule.

So, the first step is obtain steel buckets and then collect at least 2 buckets of water and 2 buckets of lava.
Use these to create small 2×2 pools of water and lava near your contraption. They are not actually part of the contraption, but they will come in handy if you need to refill you buckets. As both liquids are renewable, you only need two buckets (not 4) to fill the entire 2×2 pools.

Here's a 2×2 lava pool I placed, with iron bars for security:
The iron bars are surprisingly very useful because you can safely point through the iron bars, so you can collect lava without accidentally walking into it.

The first actual step of the contraption is to make a large pool of lava (depth of 1):

Notice there is a hole in the ceiling. Also notice the switch at the wall. This is how it looks from above:


So, above the lava pool is a single water source safely contained inside and held in place by the piston. Note the piston is active because of the NOT gate. The lamps are just for decoration. If you toggle the switch, the piston will retract, allowing the water to flow.

When the water hits the lava, it creates lots of ores:

Note I flip the switch off again after 5 seconds or so to stop the water flow. Note the water source in the ceiling will at all times hold its place.

Now all I need to do is to mine the ores. IMPORTANT: After the steam is gone (it is deadly). To start over, I have to clear out the pool and fill it with lava again, using the 2×2 pool to collect the (infinite) lava and place it into the pool, until it is full of lava sources.

I am not sure if my contraption is a very efficient way to actually acquire ores. Especially it takes long to refill the pool, which is also dangerous (1 poorly placed lava bucket and you're TOAST (and all of your items, too). But it sure is a fun thing to watch. big_smile
It was fun to build this thing.

If some of you players here have ideas to improve this contraption, please share. Especially if there is some way to refill the pool automatically, without having to manually refill this.

Some things I noticed: The game (version 1608.1) is very slow/laggy in updating the electrical circuits. It takes a few seconds until the piston actually reacts. Also, using a normal button does not really work. It often happens that either no water is coming out at all, or the water is just not on the lava long enough to trigger the lava cooling.


#2 2017-01-15 20:01:08

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Re: My simple semi-automatic ore generator

Why couldn't you use another version of your circuit to refill the pool with lava?
At least that way it would be automated and you wouldn't have to place yourself in harms way....

You could also pour both the water and lava at the same time and allow it to collect in an empty pool, while it is pouring it would eventually create the ore.
You could switch it off after a while and let things settle down....then collect your ore.

You could also try coming up with an automatic cut-off switch that would automatically cut-off the flow when the pool reaches a target level (I'm not familiar enough with the game mechanics or in-game circuits to know how to do that off the top of my head).

I just did a quick search -- it seems a water wheel might work to accomplish the auto-cutoff.

Conversely, when turned off - by removing the water source behind it - the water source block in front of a water wheel will be replace with air.

A Not-gate could be used to invert the state of the water-wheel -- when the wheel is on the output is off and vice versa.

http://wiki.voxelands.com/mechanics:cir … ater_wheel

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