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#1 2017-01-14 11:22:26

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Super-fast coffee bean farming with Velox-enchanted sword

I found a trick in 1608.1 which you can use to make farming coffee beans VERY fast:

- Create some farm dirt near water
- Place coffee beans
- Craft a sword with the Velox enchantment
- Wait for the beans to grow to the first stage, which should not take very long
- Use your sword to farm the young plants, because of the enchantment, you get the coffee plants, not the beans!
- Place your aquired coffee plants which you now have in FULL size and collect them with hand or an unenchanted sword to get lots of beans
- Repeat

I am pretty sure this trick works in a similar fashion for other plants.

I think the “bug” part here is that the Velox enchantment causes a small coffee plant to drop a fully-grown coffee plant. I guess this enchantment needs to be nerfed for some particular blocks, for balancing reasons. I'm starting to wonder if there are other nodes which should not drop themselves for balancing reasons

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