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#1 2016-07-17 17:35:09

From: Germany
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Viewing range, creatures, cactus with parcel

As a single player I agree with Lerura concerning the mass of deer and sheep that appear. It's really nice to have them, but this is just too much, I think. It costs a lot of resources.

I am unhappy with the viewing range. I like the new feature of switching easily between standard and full viewing range. But the full range is mostly just like the standard range. Only if I have been to wider places in the running session, the full viewing range gets wider than the standard range. But next session this is gone out of full viewing range again. What is all the beautiful landscape and biomes for, if you can't see them - say - from your new built tower or from top of a mountain you climbed on? smile

Seriously, maybe you can reinvest resources released by reducing the number of creatures into a wider full viewing range? And it would be nice, if one could adjust the full viewing range.

I like the desert biome very much. But the cactuses collect the produced mush in a parcel on their top. To me the solution of getting mush from cactus in 1512.00 was just perfect.


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