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#1 2016-07-13 17:01:30

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Minetest more focus on a Playable game.. not just the engine.

It seems the Minetest community has finally decided to focus a bit more on building a game instead of a sole focus on the game engine, at least in recent conversations. Just wondering what's your thoughts on this and will devs from here (DarkRose) ever be willing to help out, or has that ship sailed. This coming from a person who's heart broke when Minetest really stopped being developed as a game and was extremely excited when DarkRose started developing Minetest Classic.

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#2 2017-02-01 15:11:27

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Re: Minetest more focus on a Playable game.. not just the engine.

Darkrose have done a great job as developer, but he has left the project, so other programmer should do his job! Of course it's not a easy job to develop a game! voxelands is a good game not an engine, thats true. i don't like that the game supports only one world. that would be a great feature for the future! maybe somebody could code this? so.. its finished when it's done! ;-)


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