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#1 2016-07-11 04:01:01

From: Aarhus, Denmark
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Until now I have only played single player maps and it quickly becomes a no-challenge-at-all. At least when it comes to animals.

It is no problem getting more than enough meat and fur from just by killing all the aggressive animals that get in your way, and with all the sheep and deer also spawning every game day, there is no need for farming for food.
And you soon end up with tons of roamong animals that takes up a lot of memory to keep animated.
And as you can also get string from shearing sheep, you do not have to farm cotton in order to keep a stock of string.

If it was neccessary to actually go looking for animals to kill, farming would be a requirement in order to keep having a decent supply of resources for food, healing and clothing.

And in my oppinion aggressive animals are no real challenge and with a little feel for it pretty much risk free, and to just have a little challenge when it comes to food and clothing, I enjoy hunting only them.

The rate of spawning might be proper for multiplayer maps (which I really can't tell as I haven't tried yet) but for singleplayer maps it is way to high.

Or maybe the rate of spawning should be based on how many animals there already are of each kind in the area.
This could be a setting for the maps , if you want a normal rate of spawning, or a challenge with a low rate of spawning. And maybe a separate option for the density of passive and aggressive animals
I  have seen that there are almost finshed graphics for chicken, and i really look forward to see them in the game.
The could provide poultry and eggs for some recipes.
Hunting them for poultry and finding their nest to collect eggs could be a really fun addition.
And there are also some better graphics made for the wolf than the current "moving grey table"


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