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#1 2016-06-01 14:59:27

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Some ideas relating to carts and (many) other things

First of all, thank you for making such a great game open source, its really awsome.
Second, I was thinking, and I thought of a few ideas for the carts when they come, and for several other things as well:

(regarding the future carts) I've thought it would be handy if you could place blocks in the carts; like if you placed a furnace, reactor, or some other power source in a cart it would turn into a powered cart. Another idea would be to have carts that can be turned into freight carts when a chest is placed on it.

Problems that might be encountered with these ideas:

1. the powered carts wouldn't be stoppable, maybe add a brake?

2. would the carts transform into a different shape? or would a powered cart look like a cart with a reactor in it?

3. Could/would these special carts be crafted independently or regular carts? or would they be transformed by placing a furnace/chest on the cart after its made?

4. Could freight carts be made lockable?

5. If blocks could be placed in carts, how man could be placed? (it seems like it would be easier to place just one, or maybe none at all; just have the powered carts and the freight carts)

6. would the carts be linkable? For instance, you have a freight cart, a passenger cart, and a powered cart, would the powered cart be pushing the two other carts in front of i or would it be pulling them behind it?

Another thing: I think it would make a great addition to the books if there would be an enchanting guide: that tells what the different stones do (short guide, but helpful).

Another idea I had relates to the gameplay: freemove is too easy; I can just fly down 10,000 blocks and get Mithril and gems without having to dig a block. In creative mode that is fine, and maybe some people want it in the other modes too, but I would like it to be an option not to have it enabled.
A solution to this may be to add a 'Fly' mode; in which you can still move freely through the air, but the physics between the avatar and the solid blocks is still enabled.

Can there be such a thing as a locking book? It seems like anyone could edit a book if they found one, and that could be a nuisance. Can a book be made read-only perhaps? Could read-only be made possible by keys? Could a book made read-only made so permanently?

Also, in Minecraft (when I played it) I could set fire to a tree, and if there were trees touching that tree, I could clear a forest with practically no work at all. This does not work in Voxelands, and I wondered if the blocks could be made to burn for the same time they burn inside a furnace, outside of a furnace as well, making forest clearing as easy as it is in Minecraft. So if a flammable block was touching another flammable block, and the one block was on fire, he other block would catch fire after a short delay, and he block would continue burning for its allotted time. This could also leave the door open for a new block: the everlasting fuel block. Even if the fire feature was not made, this block could still power furnaces. It would have to be rare; in space seems like a good place for them to be found as even regular asteroids are hard to find in space, and because of the short life of a spacesuit it is also harder to find stuff in space.

This is more of a fix perhaps than a feature request, but I noticed that when I set off TNT, it would explode and ignite the TNT next to it, but it would take the entire fuse time to explode, leading to very anticlimactic explosions. I thought that if it could be made to be that there is very little or no delay only when a TNT sets off another TNT, then it would be more realistic (and dramatic).

Again relating to fire: Lava seems very non destructive to its surroundings; if I place a block of lava on the ground, it's flow is stopped by grass. This is very unrealistic; grass should not stop lava. I thought that if my previous feature regarding fire was implemented, the the lava could set the nearby blocks on fire, but if it wasn't implemented, then lava could simply destroy all surrounding flammable blocks without starting any fires.

Pine wood is used for many things regular wood is not used for, but I have recently found myself badly wanting pine stairs, would this be easy to implement?

And finally, a message to the Admin: Should I have broken each request into a separate post? If so, please notify me and I will do so.

These are all really just thoughts out loud, and while I personally think that they would help improve gameplay, I dont think that Voxelands would be any worse off without them. Any questions or comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


#2 2016-06-02 06:53:25

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Re: Some ideas relating to carts and (many) other things

Enchanting guide's a good idea.

It's far too easy to bypass any restrictions on fly mode with the way the game works at present, thus we haven't put any restrictions on it. However in survival mode you'll probably suffocate to death if you tried flying down to somewhere deep.

The locking book is called a diary in-game, check the craft guide for how to make it.

There's a "dangerous fire" setting to make fire behave like you said, it's disabled on all multiplayer servers to prevent greifing.

TNT hasn't been touched for a few years, it could do with an update.

The lava behaviour was done again to prevent greifing, making it set things on fire when "dangerous fire" is enabled could be an option though.

Pine was intended to be a decorative wood, while the others are structural. This makes resource gathering a little more challenging.

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#3 2016-06-02 18:06:03

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Re: Some ideas relating to carts and (many) other things

Ok, thanks; didn't know about diary. The fire anti-greifing thing makes sense, but it shouldn't hinder the productive, well-meaning player's workflow; could some sort of privilege system be implemented? What you said about fly mode in survival mode is technically right, but it doesn't work properly; I can either fly down faster than the landscape renders, or I can fly, stop and dig for a breath, then fly again (I see what you mean by "It's far too easy to bypass any restrictions on fly mode") smile


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