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#1 2016-05-02 22:35:11

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Despawning mobs

I've encountered maps, especially on multiplayer-servers, that were overrun by mobs like sheep, deer and many many fish in the water. It 'seems' (i don't know) that mobs slow down a server.
maybe there should be an routine which checks if a player is currently around. If so, it lets some kind of mob spawn in the chunk near the player. If not, or the server is generally empty, the routine lets mobs despawn.

Don't know if its an easy task but if its somehow possible, I would appreciate it.


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#2 2016-05-04 06:43:13

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Re: Despawning mobs

Mobs die after an in-game week, or less for some. (Though this is an active week, they must have been reasonably near a player).
If there are mobs on a chunk, no new mobs will spawn on that chunk.

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