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#1 2015-02-21 03:37:51

Code Turtle
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[CLOSED - IMPLEMENTED (sort of)] Tea

From discussion on IRC:

  • New nodes and crafting

    1. Call junglegrass tea.

    2. Real-life tea is made from young leaves; make junglegrass grow in two stages when farmed, and only use the new first stage for tea.

    3. Cooking a bucket of water in a furnace yields a bucket of hot water. Add new teapot node; tea leaves are placed in its inventory slot, then it is punched with a bucket of hot water.

    4. Add teacup; either a craftitem filled by punching a full teapot, or a node that is filled by setting next to a full teapot. A full teapot will be usable for several cups.

  • Uses

    • Some nutrition.

    • Eventually will protect against cold damage.

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#2 2015-02-21 15:36:03

From: Brazil
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Re: [CLOSED - IMPLEMENTED (sort of)] Tea

Good idea. Interestingly, this can be expanded in the future and may have some variations of tea. If the future is orange trees added, in addition to orange juice, we may have the orange leaf tea (this ever made wink ).

Edit: Another thing, I believe that this idea can be even better, if you have a new feature to the table style of work.
I thought so, a balcony for preparing beverages (juices, teas, coffee, etc.). It would be mounted in a similar way to the bookcase, only using glass cups. The operation of the counter would be like this: container (bucket, jug or tea pot) containing water (boiled or not) + ingredients (leaves, fruit, sugar) = cups full of drink + container empty.

SLOTS: 1 for container, 4 for ingredients, and 2 for the final product (cups with juice and empty container).

CONTAINERS: Depending on more full glasses of drink can be generated. Example: Bucket = 12 cups, jug and teapot = 6 Pot

DRINK CUPS: Disposable generated infinitely, as if after use, they returned to the balcony.
EMPTY CONTAINERS: A bucket spend 5 steel ingots. have thought the steel waste for each made using a bucket with water, milk, among others?
1. Production of various beverages;
2. Some recipes using cups of water and milk. Examples: Desserts, sweets, cakes, etc.

Sorry for the English tongue, remain in peace...

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#3 2015-02-26 03:53:44

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Re: [CLOSED - IMPLEMENTED (sort of)] Tea

Goodbye magical jungle grass that somehow turns into cotton fibers


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