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#1 2014-10-25 13:01:16

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A little later than intended, but 1410.00 is released!

This one is The Mobs Release - a complete rewrite of the mobs system, and a major overhaul of the object system to get some ancient bugs out of it.

And so we have new (and updated) creatures!
Sheep (nicknamed ducksheep, due to the odd shaped model), kill them to get meat, or punch with shears to get string; yes, this does mean sheep make cotton, but it's all fun.
Deer, there are Doe and Stag, kill doe for fur, kill stag for meat... but be warned that stag will start attacking you when you try to kill them!
Wolves, these appear above ground at night, and will actively hunt players and attack them. Kill them for meat, or wield some food and right click the wolf... if you're lucky feeding it will tame it before it kills you, then it'll follow you around for a while.
Fish, can be killed with anything, but use a spear (new tool!) and you can catch the fish, and cook it to make it edible.
Sharks, the underwater predator, like wolves these will actively hunt players and attack them. Kill them for meat.
Dungeon Master have been rewritten, they are currently the only 'destructive' creature type. DM's throw fireballs that will kill/hurt players and destroy blocks. Kill them to get gunpowder.
Rats have been rewritten, basically the same as always, but less of them... catch them, cook them, eat them.
Oerkki have also been rewritten, they will hunt and attack players too, kill them to get oerkki dust, which is used to teleport home.

The three types of creatures are Passive, Aggressive, and Destructive, you'll see the select box in the advanced options section of the singleplayer menu.
Passive Creatures won't hurt you, but can be hunted for food or craft items: rats, doe, sheep, fish
Agressive Creatures will hurt you, and may actively hunt you, they can also be hunted for food or craft items: sharks, wolves, stag, oerkki
Destructive Creatures will hurt you, they will also attack you, and destroy block, but can be hunted for craft items are: dungeon master

There's more to be done to mobs, adding some more creatures, some movement tweaks, plus adding non-creature mobs like arrows, carts, or boats. But this seemed like a good starting point.

In addition to the mobs, there's a bunch of other changes:
Moved the "coldzone" from 60-200 to 60-1024, then added space above 1024, don't try entering space without a space suit, you will die, fast.
Added a clothes system, put on fur clothes and boots to protect you from the coldzone, or a space suit to protect you from the vacuum of space. The spacesuit helmet also lets you breathe underwater.

Also there's a life support system block, place it in space, and you'll have a nice livable breathable area around it; good for space stations.

I finally got around to adding active furnaces and incinerators, when in use these now show flames and glow a little. Another of those things I added to minetest years ago, but only got around to adding to voxelands recently.

There are now multiple mapgen types too, I got bored one night and started changing things randomly. The result of which is that there are now several map types:
flat - a completely flat map, with some caves cut in
flatter - not as hilly as default
smoother - less crazy terrain than default
default - the original
hilly - generally higher terrain
mountains - big hills and deep oceans
crazy - exaggerated crazy terrain
crazyhills - a mix of 'crazy' and 'mountains'

Click on the names above to see the result of the different types on the same map seed. 'default' is of course the same as it's always been, so change nothing, and nothing changes. smile

A spear tool was mentioned above, this crafts similar to a shovel, but use sticks instead of planks; works great against creatures, as does a sword.

Oh, and you'll find your food/hunger doesn't drop so fast in survival mode now.

Otherwise, there's also a start on a NL translation, and a few bugfixes:

- stop objects freezing
- fix bug in client searchNear
- fix compile failing with older openal libs
- fix empty strings in inventory deserialization crashing the server
- fix debug info hiding player position
- wrap gettext around some currently untranslatable strings
- stop eating sometimes damaging players

Downloads are on the download page as usual. Enjoy!


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#2 2014-10-27 06:43:17

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Re: 1410.00

Great job, thanks! smile


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