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#1 Re: Servers » How much do you have to pay for a server? » 2017-08-11 00:09:32

We don't offer server hosting ourselves, but can offer some tips. My server is running off a VPS that costs $5/month; there are a lot of different companies that offer these, and any of them should work for a voxelands server. You can also just host a server from your own computer.

#2 Re: Bug Reports » Large flashing stars on intel graphics. » 2017-06-23 06:19:51

The anisotropic filter should be the only filter that is buggy on intel, at least from what I've observed.

#3 Re: Bug Reports » Burry Textures on Manjaro Linux (Arch) » 2017-06-01 05:29:40

I believe that it is specifically anisotropic filtering on intel graphics cards that does this.

#4 Re: Servers » Menche's Survival Server » 2016-09-01 23:57:24

cHyper wrote:

can I have build rights on this server?!

Heh, forgot this topic from my old server existed.

You have build now.

#5 Re: General Discussion » ??? » 2016-09-01 23:54:27

You are unbanned now.

I guess darkrose was annoyed at you for some reason.

#6 Releases » 1608.01 » 2016-08-28 01:52:53

Replies: 24

I've decided to release 1608.01 now. Some of the main changes, aside from the usual random fixes:

  • Lighting of dirtlike nodes has been fixed (by blockmaster2000)

  • Redone mob spawning, to fix the overpopulation problem (by darkrose)

  • Dungeons now spawn with chests (by darkrose)

  • Scaffolding no longer suffocates you (by Capricorn)

  • The client should fetch the serverlist correctly now

  • Rats (previously disabled) now spawn

For simplicity, I'm going to be using the Git hosting service for source code downloads from now on.

Source code archives:

#7 Re: Feature Requests » Ability to create pools of water anywhere » 2016-08-27 00:09:10

I… am not sure what you are asking? A bucket places a new water source. Two water sources placed with a one block empty space between them will create a third source, resulting in an infinite source of water. This can be used to make artificial lakes.

#8 Re: Bug Reports » IRC registering problem » 2016-08-17 16:50:17

Kushal wrote:

Oh,thanks for your help . when I went to that link it asks nickname so should I directly fill it

Yes, just pick a nickname, enter it there, and hit start.

#9 Re: Feature Requests » Bows and arrows » 2016-08-15 23:55:43

I don't understand? There is a crosshair in the center of the screen all the time.

#10 Re: Servers » PVP server » 2016-08-15 23:51:40

You can host your own server in voxelands, but it is currently quite a bit more involved than with Minecraft.

There is currently no PvP support in voxelands; I plan on making it an option in the future.

#11 Re: General Discussion » Seeds » 2016-08-15 23:46:54

My server's map seed is 12297829382473034410.

#12 Re: Bug Reports » IRC registering problem » 2016-08-15 23:42:52

That irc:// link must be opened with an IRC client rather than a web browser.

You can also connect through an IRC client that runs in your web browser: KiwiIRC

#14 Re: Development » Plans for Next Release » 2016-08-15 23:38:30

Lerura wrote:

May I suggest that instead of requiring a pickaxe for switching shapes, a new item is introduced for this task: a hammer.

Just like the crowbar is the only tool that can rotate blocks, which is the only thing the crowbar can be used for, the hammer should be related to switching shapes and not just for stairs and columns, but for anything that can "shapeshift": chairs, couches, stairs, columns etc.

It could be made from 2 steel ingots just like the crowbar but instead placed horizontally in the grid.

It does not necessarily have to be a hammer as it could be any kind of tool. e.g. wrench, screwdriver, saw or hammer

I like this, and it'll be simpler to implement, too. I think the hammer makes the most sense.

#15 Development » Plans for Next Release » 2016-08-12 05:44:21

Replies: 4

Instead of the usual "release whatever makes it in every two months" system without planning, I want to try listing goals for each release. Voxelands' code really is a mess, and looking at it can be overwhelming. It'll be a casual list with stuff added and removed, but I want some more order. This will probably end up on gitlab, which is likely a better place for it.

Darkrose has a fairly long term TODO list here; many items on it are beyond my experience level.

To start:

  • Bugfix: fix scaffolding suffocation - done

  • Add recipe for oerkki dust, for servers with mobs off - done

  • Start to move the serverlist over properly - done

  • Require a hammer for shape changes

  • Make salt useful for keeping snow off of roadways

  • Lower mob lifetimes - done

  • Bugfix: revert new raytracing that makes occasional annoying errors - done

Likely more involved, maybe for next-next release:

  • Make crafting guides and creative chest less laggy

  • Make most configuration options changeable from the GUI and from command line arguments

Suggestions welcome.

#16 Re: Bug Reports » Flipping pages is sometimes slow » 2016-08-12 05:15:54

I think the problem is more related to communications with the server that don't have to happen. Having the client cache everything would probably fix the issue; I'll have to look into that.

#17 Re: HowTos » Image » 2016-08-12 04:45:02

You need to upload it to an imaging host to link to. A free, lightweight one is SLiMG; upload an image there then paste the contents of the Forum box (on the right) here.

#18 Releases » 1608.00 » 2016-08-01 01:52:01

Replies: 11

1608.00 is now released. This is the first release made by Menche; the reason for the unusually long delay between 1604.00 and 1608.00 is that darkrose lost interest in voxelands development and decided to make me the maintainer rather than let it die.

This release includes miscellaneous code improvements, and a wide assortment of new types of block including fancy columns and corner stairs (thanks to Emon for the new blocks). There is also now a command /adduser that can be used by server admins to add new users.

Source archives for this release are available from my site at menche.us, as darkrose still operates the main voxelands.com website.

This post will be edited when builds become available.

#19 Re: General Discussion » Dumb » 2016-07-24 21:30:55

The 4 official servers (servers.voxelands.com) and server list (http://api.voxelands.com/list?format=html and in-game) may be down permanently due to a loss of interest by darkrose.

#20 Re: Bug Reports » Update issue » 2016-07-16 02:07:35

If you're playing from an iPad, that means you're using the app "Exploration -- free multiplayer sandbox", right? That is actually the problematic modified version that darkrose is having trouble with. The guy who posted it on the App Store, "TUIJUN FENG", removed the credits page and licensing information, added microtransactions, and neglected to make his modified source code available.

Darkrose is actually trying to get the App Store to take down this app due to copyright and license violations. Neither she nor anyone else in this community can update or do anything about Exploration. If you want to try to contact the guy about updating it, go ahead; if you get a response maybe tell him we're going to continue actively trying to have it taken down unless he complies with the GPLv3 licensing terms.

#21 Re: HowTos » survival and inventory? » 2016-06-20 02:42:13

You can select adventure mode when creating a singleplayer game, or press "Advanced Settings" and uncheck "Death drops Inventory".

#22 Re: Development » Build with debug symbols » 2016-05-29 05:25:47

Run cmake with the option -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug and recompile.

#23 Re: Servers » public1.minetest-classic.com » 2016-05-24 05:38:20

While that address might have worked, it's "servers.voxelands.com" now. The four main servers are currently down and I don't have any information on when they will return.

#24 Re: Servers » Voxelands Survival Server » 2016-04-17 20:01:13

Yeah, the map probably had some corrupted parts that were slowing down the server, so darkrose reset it.

#25 Re: HowTos » Destructive effect holds on after Death and Respawn » 2015-12-18 02:25:14

Your clothing was probably destroyed by the dungeon master. Players without at least a shirt and pants on will suffer exposure damage. I don't know if there's an effective defense against dungeon masters; all major servers have them disabled.

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