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#1 2017-06-16 13:07:30

From: Lombardy, Italy, E.U.
Registered: 2017-06-13
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Would you like to be a pioneer?

I've set up a camp-base on Schleppfehler's survival server, at 20, 4, 105.

Everything is free to take for those who would like to start a new settlement - use common sense, if you take vegetables replant them and if you take materials return them when you can: fairplay is the key.

I'm currently using the old client (v1608.01) on the server (v1704) and everything runs perfectly - even though I'm on a laptop old as dust - save being unable to use the new items (i.e. campfire and berries' bush).

I'd like to see old friends (cambam, Zlodavac, etc.) coming back, as well as meeting new ones of course.

See you inworld, happy building.

"It isn't necessary to hope, in order to undertake, nor to succeed to persevere." (Anonymous)


#2 2017-06-21 19:11:03

Registered: 2017-06-18
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Re: Would you like to be a pioneer?

Thanks for sharing.  I came by and grabbed some fertilizer.  It was nice to meet you the other day in-game, maybe I'll see you again soon.


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